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The Power Of Your Breath In Mental Training For Sports

Sports mental training is key to performance in any sport.

No matter what you play, you want to be able to keep your mind engaged with your body so you can realize excellence.

Athletes understand better than most people that there is no separation between the body and the mind.

When the mind is not in the game, the body is not in the game either.

This is why it is so important to make sure that you are in peak mental condition.

Athletes go through tremendous mental stress during a game.

To get through that stress, they need to be in the zone.

Being “in the zone” mentally is something that you can help yourself achieve.

Athletes have a great advantage here because they are so aware of their bodies, what their bodies are doing, and what their bodies are capable of overall.

Sports Mental Training – Just Breathe

One thing that you might want to focus on when you are trying to build up a sports mental training regimen is the power of your breathing.

Athletes are often more aware of their breath than other people, and they cultivate positive habits in relationship to their breath.

However, they can go one step further with greater mental awareness of their breath.

Becoming aware of your breath is easy.

You just need to concentrate on your breathing as you do it.

This will make you more aware of it and how it feels.

The fuller and “looser” your breathing, the better you will be able to perform.

With every breath you take, your body carries oxygen throughout every cell using your blood as the vessel.

Your ability to support your actions with your breath is an important limiting factor in both your physical performance and mental mood.

Your physical and mental realities work together closely during any game, and they are tied together during your breath.

It’s important to understand that your lungs and respiratory muscles do not necessarily become fitter through your other training.

There are many ways that you can use your breathing to enhance your mental awareness of yourself, the ball, and the team.

Begin by aiming to cultivate full, even breaths and support your actions this way.

If you are finding your breath is limited, massage can help.

So can respiratory training devices.

To find out more about the link between your mind, sports mental training, and your breath, consult the Downers Grove Athlete Training Experts here at Core 1 Inc.

To Gaining Your “Focus”

Jim and The CORE1 Crew


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