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The Art Of The Jump And Jumping Higher In Basketball

In basketball, jumping higher puts you in a prime position to score in the critical moments of every game.

While other fundamentals of the sport such as shooting and dribbling are also important, there is nothing like a crowd-pleasing slam dunk.

Even if the slam dunk isn’t your performance goal, you know that if you figure out how to jump higher in basketball, you will be more likely to be able to reject other players’ jumps and jump shots.

This will make you a more valuable part of your team overall.

Chicago athletes are team players who understand that everyone on the court has a role.

By learning how to jump higher in basketball you will be able to expand your role on the court and come through in a pinch.

So, what is the secret to the art of the jump?

When you are jumping, it is important to understand that every part of your body works together in the process.

Unlike a volleyball player, the range of motions of your arms during a dunk has a tendency to be more aerodynamic, fluid, and direct.

This being the case, you need to focus on your body. But not your lower body exclusively.

You also need to be able to focus on your core.

The key to jumping more effectively in basketball is being balanced when you make your leap.

While jump drills and explosive movement drills are important in improving your jump, there is no factor more important than your balance.

Once you are balanced, you will find that you perform much better on a jump shot no matter what the situation of the game might be.

Then it’s time to wheel out a customized training plan that will include traditional jump drills and explosive movement drills.

Your legs and lower body are both very important when jumping higher.

There is no denying it.

However, you also want to make sure that your entire form and your follow through is fully aerodynamic.

This means that you will want to take a more balanced approach that will leave you in a good position to react immediately when you land from your jump.

At Core 1 Inc, we have been helping Chicago area athletes improve their jump for years.

When you need to improve any aspect of your game, consider our athletes-only training or our sports rehabilitation services to help you.

To You Getting Your "Jump On"

Jim and The CORE1 Crew


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