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Skin Infections

Nothing can put a halt to a wrestling practice like a tiny scratch or scrape. What could be a nuisance to a football or basketball player can have devastating effects to a wrestler.

With so much skin-to-skin contact, infections such as ringworm, impetigo and even the deadly MRSA infection can spread from teammate to teammate very quickly.

When a wrestler visits our sports physical therapy in Downer’s Grove for a wrestling injury, we always take the time to educate them on the dangers of skin infections. If a wrestler develops any open sore or even the smallest cut, they are putting themselves and their teammates at risk.

There are many precautions involved in our education to minimize this risk.

Maintaining excellent hygiene, which involves taking showers before and after a workout or match and includes proper rest and nutrition.

Wearing clean clothing and laundering them each day.

Covering any wounds with bandages and proper disposal of used bandages.

Keeping the mats, showers, floors and any other equipment cleaned and disinfected with an antiseptic solution.

Never sharing any towels or uniforms.

We also tell any client that it is important never to feel embarrassed about any skin problems and to never keep it from their coach. A coach should always be checking the athletes for any new skin wounds and any wounds that are healing.


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