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Massage Can Help You Recover Faster And Stronger, Too

When you are looking for a Downers Grove Athletes Only Physical Therapy facility, you are probably like other hardcore Downers Grove athletes: You want to get the recovery period over so that you can get back to doing what you do best!

There are many different elements to Downers Grove Athletes Only Physical Therapy, and each situation is different. However, there’s one tool that sports medicine professionals come back to again and again.

Massage therapy undertaken by a properly credentialed therapist can help you recover function faster by promoting your body’s natural healing capabilities. At the same time, it helps you to relax in what can be a stressful situation!

You’re probably already familiar with deep tissue athletic massages in physical therapy. These massages can be pretty intense, so they might not remind you of relaxing when you think about them. But they will help you heal, which can take a weight off your mind.

Physical Therapy – Massage Has Many Benefits

A deep tissue massage can be appropriate in cases where blood flow needs to be stimulated or there is chronic muscle tension developing around a site of injury that might restrict the usual healing response.

A lighter form of massage can also be useful, in combination with healing modalities such as pool therapy, to help get you back on the road to recovery training. The sooner you can get started with recovery training, the better off you’ll be!

Of course, there are plenty of great benefits to massage that might convince you to use it even after your situation is completely healed. Massage promotes flexibility, which is useful for all athletes to help avoid injury in the future.

With certain types of injuries, keeping the affected limb idle can lead to reduced healing. However, it might not be possible to work the limb. In this kind of situation, massage can be extremely helpful.

Massage also has other health benefits that athletes and non-athletes can sign off on.

Studies have shown that frequent massages are associated with things like deeper breathing, better blood circulation, an easier time sleeping, and a variety of other factors that make life that much easier.

The right kind of therapeutic massage for your situation has to be determined by a sports medicine expert. In Downers Grove and the local area, you know where to find one. Just check us out at Core 1 Inc.

Core 1 Inc is the area’s most trusted source for both athlete training and (Athlete’s Only) rehabilitative services!

To A Speedy Recovery

Jim and The CORE1 Crew


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