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In Shape To Get Healthy

Getting over an injury can be a trying time for many young athletes. This is as much a mental issue as it is a physical one, and long periods of staying out of practice can wear on the body and the mind. From a mental standpoint, taking the time to heal can be frustrating and feel like it takes forever. This can often reduce confidence and mind body connection, but it can also impact the intuitive aspect of staying on top of competition.

From a physical standpoint, the results can be similar. While you are resting up and letting the injury heal, your other muscles are also staying inactive, and this can set you back in your training. One ideal way to overcome both of these challenges is through the use of a physical therapy program throughout the entire time of your healing process.

Staying On The Move

Physical therapy is not only necessary to regain range of motion and flexibility after healing, but can also be used to strengthen and stay mobile while still recovering. Sometimes this can even speed up the way that the body heals, but the most important benefit is that it can keep all the muscles active and maintain strength and flexibility while out on rest. Physical therapy can also keep the mind engaged, which mean that there will be less anxiety when starting to compete again.

Core 1 Inc. works with young athletes to find the best course of physical therapy no matter what stage of the healing process. This can include easy manipulation and basic mobility moves for people who have been recently injured, as well as strengthening, toning, and flexibility programs for individuals who are getting ready to get off the bench. One of the ideal parts of physical therapy is that programs can be tailored to fit individual needs, which means that students will get the most of what they need out of the session.

Starting physical therapy early also provides the benefit of allowing for a full period of recovery. Far too often, young athletes will push themselves to get out on the field sooner, since they are restless about having to stay inactive for so long. This can greatly increase the chance of re-injury, and can be detrimental to the area that is trying to mend. By engaging in physical therapy throughout the time of recuperation, students are able to stay in shape, feel active, and still gain the benefits of a period of rest.

Core 1 Inc. can help you maintain your fitness and athletic goals, even if you have been injured. Our physical therapy programs allow you to focus on those muscles that you need to work the most in order to heal better and emerge stronger from your recovery. If you are interested in learning about a program that will work best for you, then we encourage you to contact us and find out just how easy and fulfilling it can be to stay in shape, even if you are currently benched for injury.


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