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Healing Is A Process, Not An Event

One of the problems that we see a lot at Core 1 Inc. is that athletes can treat recovery like it is an event that just needs to be waited out, before resuming regular practice. The issue with this attitude is that while the injury may go through a physical process of healing, it doesn’t actually go through the process of recovery.

It can be important to understand that while resting an injury is necessary to keep from doing any worse damage to the body, it is also something that should be balanced with some form of activity. This will help to promote strengthening of the area throughout the mending time, which can lead to a better recovery and a faster rate of regaining previous potential.

All The Right Moves

In terms of physical therapy, this will often mean that activity is resumed sooner rather than later. While many student athletes will use physical therapy as a way of retraining at the end of recovery, it can be utilized throughout the course of recuperation. The key is to know limits and to scale activities so that they may be applicable throughout this time of rest.

In many cases, physical therapy can be started as early as a week into the healing process. Granted, the activities may be minimal, and athletes may find that this includes just having the limbs get moved around, without really exerting any full effort. However, this does accomplish two vital needs.

• It keeps the muscles active and firing, so that healing is more complete.

• It keeps athletes mentally in the game, which can be an asset to getting back on the field.

Starting physical therapy early on in the rest phase can make the difference between getting re-injured in the same area, or having that part of the body actually become stronger. This is because movement encourages muscles, bones, and connective tissue to release more cells and build up, rather than atrophy. It also keeps the blood circulating through the area, and this can reduce inflammation at a faster rate.

Approaching healing as a process is necessary for full recovery, and at

, we offer physical therapy for all types of injury. By engaging the body early on, we can also help athletes get back on their feet with confidence, and enjoy the full extent of recovery that can be achieved at a younger age.

For student athletes who have suffered a recent injury, we encourage you to contact us and find out what type of program we can develop to get you back up and running. Your body will thank you for making this effort, and you will be able to enjoy a long and successful sporting career.


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