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Building Better Bodies (One Injury At A Time)

Sports physical therapy in Downers Grove is one of our main points of focus at Core1Inc. Along with sports enhancement training, we are also devoted to helping young athletes through the more trying challenges of staying active, and this can include the recovery from an injury. Since the resources that we offer are all founded in athletics, our sports physical therapy is ideally suited to young people who work hard and want to get better than they were before the injury.

Is There A Difference In Physical Therapy?

The basic idea behind physical therapy is that moving the body more can also help people become more capable of moving more on their own. This general concept does carry over into sports physical therapy, but whenever athletes are involved, you also have to consider that there is a stronger foundation for staying active. As a result, sports physical therapy also addresses the top physical condition of athletes, and seeks to help restore function at this high level.

If you have been looking into sports physical therapy in Downers Grove, then you should contact to get started with a program that is suited to your needs and goals. We can not only help you recover from your injury, but also help you to work through that injury for a stronger body that performs optimally.


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