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Yankees Pitcher’s Mysterious Arm Injury Underscores the Importance of Effective Physical Thera

Recently, New York Yankees pitcher and All-Star Phil Hughes suffered a mysterious arm injury that had team physicians baffled.

Essentially, for no apparent reason, Hughes lost five-to-eight miles off his fastball, which traditionally clocked in the upper 90s.

Initially, doctors thought it to be what’s known as “dead arm syndrome.”  The syndrome is exactly what you’d suspect: the arm loses strength and can no longer accomplish tasks like throwing or hitting a tennis ball with normal efficacy and power.  The injury can only be healed through surgery.

In subsequent assessments, doctors changed their prognosis to shoulder inflammation.  However, after MRI test came back negative, they are now back to the drawing board.

Hughes’ condition underscores the importance of building up and maintaining arm strength, flexibility, and endurance.   As providers of advanced physical therapy in Downers Grove, we’ll ensure that high school athletes rehabilitating from an injury get back on the field safely and efficiently. 


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