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Why Sitting One Out Can Actually Lead To A Longer Run

Whenever you get any type of injury, whether it is while training or during a game, it can often feel as though you are waiting forever on the bench. A lot of athletes will try to get back on the field far too early, and this can sometimes be reinforced by coaches who want to see their star players back in action as quickly as possible. The problem is that taking this type of approach can lead to worse injury, and even one that could have you benched for good.

Everyone's body will heal a little differently, and this can also depend upon whether you have sustained a sprain, strain, or tear. Recovery can come down to proper physical rehabilitation as well as diet, and it is very necessary to take the appropriate amount of time and not just rush back in to the game.

Healing Can Mean Strengthening

One of the things we really focus on at Core1Inc. is how physical therapy and movement will help the healing process. Physical therapy can consist of what seems like very simple movements and exercises, but they are designed to keep the muscle fibers toned during the healing process in order to speed wellness and to reinforce for better strength in the injured area.

The first thing to realize is that when you are weight training for strength, you are actually causing minute tears in your muscles. When these heal, they create the bulk and tone that you have been working towards. With an actual injury, the healing process can result in the same strengthening, as long as you follow the gentle guidelines of physical therapy to produce results that won't cause a further injury.

A common mistake that many athletes can make, is that they will rest up during an injury, start to feel better, and then jump right back in to their sport. When you do this, you risk the chance of re-injuring yourself, because while the muscle may no longer hurt, it is not fully healed and doesn't have the proper strength reinforcement.

Finding The Middle Ground For Wellness

An important thing that physical therapy can give you is the ability to bolster the healing process through light activity, while still giving your injured muscle the chance to rest and recuperate. This keeps your fitness level steady during the recovery time, but also allows for the necessary steps and length of time for real healing to happen. As a result, you can emerge from your injury feeling stronger and more capable, and all because you took the time to really let it heal.

Along with the actual body benefits of physical therapy, it can also give you a mental outlet during this period of rest. Since you are still engaging in a form of activity, you are also able to keep your focus and edge, often by setting goals during your recovery. This will also benefit you once you are able to get back into the game, and can ensure that you are conscious of when your body may be telling you to take a break.

Core1Inc. helps many athletes on their road to recovery, with physical therapy that is designed to address individual needs. If you are committed to your sport, and want to make sure that you can return at full force, then we recommend you contact us to set up a physical therapy schedule that is just right for you.


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