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Why is SPEED So Important?

If you’ve ever kicked around inside of a weight room then you’ve seen them. You have seen those massively muscular dudes who lift weights to look good for the girls. We call it doing “curls for the girls.” But with all of their size, do you think they can keep up in your sport? Do you think they could compete that well on the field or on the court? Do you really even fear or respect their arms-only muscles?

If you have been training the right way, then the answer should be “no.” That’s because you know that static strength is only one part of a large list of athletic skills you should develop in order to enhance performance. Static strength just gives you the ability to lift weights, move couches and look a little stronger. You need other skills in order to take that muscle and be able to compete at a higher level. And one of the most important skills is SPEED.

Let’s break this down so that you can understand it a little better. There is strength. Good old “curls for le girls” static strength. And on the other end of the performance spectrum there is speed. It is the speed that you are used to. It is the speed that burns opponents down the field.

But in the middle of the spectrum, there is power. You need a good deal of lean muscle to develop power, but power is different than static strength. You also need a good deal of speed because power is a blend of strength and speed. Power is your ability to throw all that muscular might into useful velocity. It is your ability to turn your muscles into something more than just guns to be put on display at the beach. Without speed, you muscles lack power, intimidation and might. They are simply for show and helping friends move heavy furniture.

The good news is that you can develop speed with the right kind of fitness training. At Core1, we know just how to blend static strength with high-level speed training to develop the best kind of athlete – a fast, strong and powerful one. You will become an athlete that will be feared and respected on the field and in the gym. You’ll be able to separate yourself from the meat heads at the weight room knowing that you can outperform them any day.


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