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Staying Active While You Are Resting Keeps You Fit

Physical therapy for young athletes is one way of helping to ensure that performance capacity is maintained and even surpassed after the healing period is over. This is usually due to a combination of factors, including:

• General activity during healing

• Increased circulation to the injured area

• Increased immune and healing function from exercises

• Strength building for supporting muscles

• Toning of tendons and connective tissue for better protection to the injured area

At Core 1 Inc., we offer physical therapy for youth athletes in the Downers Grove area, which can speed the process through the points listed above, but can also help students to learn about moving the body in new ways that are protective to the injured area. This type of therapy ends up working directly on the injured area that is recuperating, but it is also beneficial to the body as a whole, since it maintains fitness levels during recovery. The result is that health is supported while healing is happening.

Student athletes who have sustained any type of injury that may impede their overall function are encouraged to contact us in order to find out what type of physical therapy program can be best. This can include working on things like strength and flexibility, but can also include making sure that one injury does not become the end of a career.


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