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Shoulder Impingement

Injuries to the shoulder are very common. From golf to football, athletes can easily overwork these muscles and tendons causing pain and injury. It occurs when some of these muscles and tendons become pinched by the bony construction in the shoulder. It can be extremely painful and if not treated could lead to an athlete requiring surgery.

Your physician will typically prescribe anti-inflammatory medicines to reduce the swelling and you will be required to rest and place ice on the affected area.  Exercise and stretching is going to be key in returning the injured shoulder to top performance. As part of our  select physical therapy in Downers Grove, our rehabilitation also includes strengthening the shoulder, upper back and the muscles of the rotator cuff, correcting the athlete’s posture and alignment and also massaging the shoulder and back.

It may take several months to completely restore the shoulder to its full range of motion, but with continued application of exercises an athlete will learn during his physical therapy, they are more likely to heal quicker and less likely to repeat the injury.


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