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Jump Rope Training Is Awesome

When it comes to training, you might not think of jump rope training as something that serious athletes in Chicago do on a regular basis.

However, jump rope training is one of the most important things that you can do in order to improve your quickness and speed in any form of sport.

Jump rope training is also helpful in the development of a strong cardiovascular system.

While most athletes naturally develop good cardiovascular conditioning as they build up their bodies, it is a good idea to devote some time and effort to this.

Since many athletes are focused on functional training that helps them to realize their peak performance on the court or out on the field, the basics of cardiovascular exercise can be lost along the way.

But cardio is key to maintaining lean muscle mass.

Even the bulkiest players in sports like football can benefit from jump rope training.

All Athletes Should Be Jump Rope Training

One of the most important things about jump rope training is the simple fact that you can do it from anywhere and at virtually any time.

All you need to get started with it is a rope of the appropriate length.

The rope should be easy for you to turn on your own.

If the rope is too long, it will be difficult or impossible to gain a rhythm with it. If it is too short, then you will not be able to achieve the momentum that you need to use it as part of your fitness goals.

The most basic form of training with a jump rope is exactly what you would expect: You simply turn the rope and jump.

People have been doing this since the origins of the jump rope.

You may wish to begin with warm up exercises like the jumping jack.

Training with the jump rope is a great way to build the strength and coordination you need for any sport where you will have to jump, albeit you’ll also need to work on other aspects, such as core balance.

There are many advanced exercises that you can do on a jump rope, but even the best Chicago athletes find that they need to build up to the most intense jump rope routine.

If you would like to learn more about intense jump rope training for speed, quickness, and general performance in the Chicago area, visit us at Core 1 Inc to maximize your training.

Taking Your Athleticism To The Next Level

Jim and the CORE1 Crew 


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