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Core Strengthening May Be All the Rage, But What Does it Actually Entail?

As documented by a recent Wall Street Journal article, core strengthening is the hot exercise and training concept of the moment.

The regimen is focused on strengthening the muscles that surround the torso from shoulder to thigh, with the ultimate goal of achieving balance, symmetry, and added endurance.

“Balance” is the operative word here, as oftentimes athletes over-extend themselves in certain areas. For example, while an intense focus on the abdomen, with repeated sets of crunches, may provide the short-term result of a fabulous six-pack, the affected muscles to not exist in isolation. That is because the abdomen – or any other area of the body – is reliant on the surrounding limbs and muscles. And if these supporting areas aren’t properly strengthened, the area that is over-extended cannot be properly strengthened.

Or, to refer to our abdomen example, an over-emphasis on crunches, coupled with, say, excessive running, weight lifting, and long periods of inactivity – all without strengthening the connecting muscle and limbs – can make the body “front-heavy” that susceptible to slouching.

Schedule an appointment with our core strengthening experts to create a customized program to help your body achieve perfect balance and strength.


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