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Common Goal Setting

Our Downers Grove physical therapy programs are individualized for every athlete we treat. They are tailored to their athletic injury with exercises designed to get them back on track. But what all our programs do have in common is goal setting.

Everyone knows that setting goals can help to achieve what they want in life, but they may not think about the importance of setting goals while they recover from an injury.

After an injury an athlete may feel defeated, which is very understandable. But upon talking to a physical therapist and thinking about exactly what you can accomplish at the end of the recovery program, they begin to feel empowered and totally motivated to start the process. Broken down into smaller groups, the athlete begins to see how attainable these goals can be. They even begin to work extra hard, as only an elite athlete can, to get to the point where they can move on to the next set of goals. It is inspiring.

Working with a physical therapist will help an athlete set realistic short term and long term goals and timelines. You do not want to set a goal that isn’t attainable in a certain amount of time. That could be very disappointing. A physical therapist will help you understand what can be accomplished and when. With hard work and dedication, many athletes can reach their goals faster expected.


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