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Surge in the Popularity of Triathlons Ignores the Sport’s Risks

Despite being perhaps the most physically demanding type of physical exercise known to man, triathlons continue to see a surge in popularity.

In fact, the group USA Triathlon saw their membership grow from 50,000 to over 130,000 annual members from 2005-2010. Most interestingly, this rise cannot be attributed to any one demographic: the increase applies to adults from all age groups, economic strata, and geographies, so much so that triathlons are now dubbed the “new marathon.”

What, specifically, is driving people to participate in triathlons? Well, some people simply crave the challenge. Other individuals may find themselves over-worked and out of shape, and by signing up for a triathlon six months in advance, want to provide themselves with an incentive to train.

Yet lost in this wave of surging triathlon participants is the fact that the sport itself is tremendously dangerous. The New York City Triathlon, for example, saw two deaths in its August 7th event.

Customized sports enhancement training is a must; preparing for such a grueling and punishing endeavor should not be left to chance.


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