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Knee Pain in High School Runners Linked to Hip Strength Imbalances

Patellofemoral pain (PFP), or “runner’s knee”, can occur in athletes who put heavy stress on their knees. The pain is characterized by a dull ache around where the kneecap and lower thigh bone connect.

A study by the Mayo Clinic assessed the baseline hip strengths of high school running athletes before the running season, and was repeated in athletes who developed PFP. The study concluded:

The findings of the current study suggest that stronger pre-injury hip abductors (particularly in relation to their hip adductors) and weaker pre-injury hip external rotators (particularly in relation to their hip internal rotators) are associated with the development of PFP. In addition, persons in whom PFP develops appear to lose hip abduction and external rotation strength when compared with their pre-injury strength. Finally, a higher hip external-to-internal rotation strength ratio may protect against the development of PFP.

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