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Improve Your Game Like Crazy With This Method

In this post, we talked about “3 Things Pro Athletes Know That You Don’t”.

One of those things was to be afraid. Be very afraid.

In that post, we talked about how your goals should be so big, and so connected to your passion, that fear is a natural by-product.

Well, today we’re bringing fear back into the picture as a friend… But it’s in a different way.

The “Mark Coleman” Story

If you don’t follow UFC – Mark Coleman is a LEGEND.

The guy won more championships than I believe anyone else in history. He was basically unstoppable for his entire career.

Well, I know a guy who used to be in UFC. One day, Coleman showed up at his gym as a guest instructor.

He talked to everyone about technique and such. He gave them tips, motivation, you know – the usual.

And then, he asked a question:

“So who wants to roll with me?”

(“Roll” means spar or practice fighting).

Everyone looked away. I mean, this was MARK COLEMAN! Who would want to fight him? So they all looked down at the ground, or up at the ceiling, or out the window…

Except for my friend.

He look right at Coleman and said, “Me.”

Well, here’s what happened next…

Coleman smacked him around BIG time! I mean, my friend couldn’t stand on his feet for more than 2 seconds without Coleman bringing him down.

And my friend is a big dude himself. 6′ 4″. 250 pounds of pure muscle.

But Coleman threw him around like he was a little rag doll.

Everyone else at the gym laughed… then cringed… then hoped he would just stop getting up!

But he wouldn’t.

He kept getting up, and saying, “Let’s go again.”

Coleman grinned, and took him down again.

Well, the training session was over. My friend had some new bruises.

But then Coleman approached him, and said…

“I need someone around with energy like you. Come train with me for a while.”

So my friend did. And the same thing happened day after day: he got his butt kicked.

BUT… slowly but surely… something started to happen.

Suddenly, my friend could hold his own, a little bit at a time.

He could keep Coleman from taking him down for 5 seconds… then 10… 20… 60 seconds…

Finally, my friend could defend himself from Coleman for 5-6 minutes at a time. Eventually, the two stopped training together. My friend never took Coleman down, but he could hold his own.

Guess what happened the next time he faced one of his old sparring buddies?

Well, he took that guy down like he was a little rag doll ;-). Pretty much no opponent after that could even come close to my friend’s ability.

See, one of the “short cuts” to getting good – and I mean REAL good – is to work with people who are way better than you are. 

Like my friend, you have to be willing to look silly when faced against an opponent who is better than you might ever be.

You have to be willing to go up to the best player on your team, and say, “I want to train with you.” 

It’ll change your life. I guarantee it. It’s scary – but I can’t express how worth it it really is.

Till next time, Jim Wnek & The Core1 Crew


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